Visiting us

Visiting The Achiltibuie Garden

If you’ve visited us before 2008, please note that we now have a different location within Achiltibuie. The old building which housed the Hydroponicum and its café is closed; our Keder greenhouse and office are now situated nearby at 103 Achiltibuie.

For directions on how to reach The Achiltibuie Garden, please click here.

Opening hours

We are closed to visitors at the moment and hope to be able to welcome you again from Easter 2019.

What you can see when you visit
We use hydroponics in our Keder greenhouse to grow a range of salad leaves, herbs, fruit and veg which we sell to personal customers, local shops and businesses; we also use soil-based growing in raised beds to extend the range of edible and ornamental plants which are grown. Power for the Keder greenhouse is supplied by micro wind turbines which run the pumps via a bank of batteries; all the hydroponic systems and raised soil beds are supplied with water from our rainwater harvesting system.