Hydroponically grown tomatoes

Tomato planter

Do you long for tomatoes which taste like you remember from days gone by? If so, this is the planter kit for you. Many of our visitors to the old Hydroponicum who tasted our tomatoes enjoyed them so much they bought this hydroponic growing kit to take home. We also get loads of enthusiastic feedback (as well as pics) from our mail-order customers. Once you’ve grown your own tomatoes at home and eaten them straight from the vine, you won’t want to buy them again! As well as growing tomatoes, you can use this two-pot planter kit to grow other large, fruiting crops such as flavoursome cucumbers, courgettes or melons.

Your kit comes with full instructions on how to set up and use it. It consists of our popular green planter with two pots (made for us in the UK) and has all you need to get growing, including a packet of seeds, our own Gold hydroponic growing medium and enough hydroponic nutrient concentrate for one growing system. We stock a range of tomato seeds, choosing varieties with great flavour which we’ve grown ourselves, so you can be sure of success. For a full list of the kit contents as well as step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use your kit, click here to download a copy.

The tomato feed included with your Tomato Planter kit should be enough to last for one growing season. When you need to buy more, click here.

The planter and pots are very robust and should last for many years, so to re-use your kit all you’ll need is more feed and seeds. The Gold hydroponic growing medium can also be re-used, although we recommend that you sterilise or replace it if you are going to use it for sowing seeds.

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