tomato hanging basket

Tomato hanging basket kit

This is our favourite way to grow prolific cherry tomatoes! Our tomato hanging basket kit is ideal if you want to grow tomatoes but have limited space. The basket with its strong chain can be hung in a greenhouse or conservatory, or even on a balcony.

Our tomato hanging basket growing kit includes full instructions on how to grow a tumbling mass of tomatoes. It consists of a basket fitted with a capillary mat, Gold hydroponic growing medium, a minipropagator in which to start off your seeds, clay pebbles and hydroponic tomato feed concentrate. With this kit you’ll be able to grow delicious fruits in a small space and you also have the convenience of our unique hanging basket design: this basket uses a fraction of the amount of water used by conventional designs because none is lost whilst watering. A unique pull-out drawer in the side of the basket lets you top up the spacious reservoir at the bottom of the container.

To start growing tomatoes, simply sow the tomato seeds provided into the minipropagator, then when the seedlings are big enough, transfer them to the basket filled with Gold hydroponic growing medium. Fill the reservoir with diluted feed solution and the capillary wick takes up the feed when it is needed. Then all you need to do is top up the feed level when necessary and start picking the tomatoes when they ripen.

Our robust, durable and attractive hanging baskets can be used indoors or outdoors and you’ll find that they last for years!

When you need to replenish supplies, refill packs and replacement mats are available for this product.

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