strawberries growing in hydroponic wick system

Three-pot planter

This is the hydroponic growing kit which we recommend for growing strawberries, houseplants, beans and similar plants. You could also try a mixture of plants, such as two full pots growing strawberries and one pot base between them filled with salad or edible flowers.

The Three pot planter kit consists of a robust dark green planter with aluminium bracing strip and three complete pyramid pots fitted with self-watering capillary matting wicks; all of these unique items are made especially for us in the UK. The kit also contains 10 litres of Gold hydroponic growing medium and a 1 litre set of general purpose hydroponic feed. Along with a minipropagator, spacers are provided to cover the gaps between the pots, a funnel for topping up the water/nutrient, a fleece cover and a feed measuring cup. The kit comes with full instructions on setting up and getting the best from your kit.

Once you’ve transplanted your seedlings into the pyramid pots you can re-use your minipropagator to raise more seedlings.

The planter and pots are very robust and should last for many years, so to re-use your kit you may need more feed, which is available separately. The Gold hydroponic growing medium can be re-used, although we recommend that you sterilise or replace it if you are sowing seeds. Click here for details of the refill pack for this kit, or here to buy more feed concentrate.

When you’re ready to increase your growing, you’ll find all you need to extend your kit in the Accessories section of our shop: you can join planters together, or make the system automatic with a tank and pump. If you’re not sure what you need, please contact us.

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