lettuce in floating raft

Salad raft

If you are keen to grow salad leaves or lettuces but don’t have a garden, then this salad raft kit is for you! The Salad raft, from the original Hydroponicum range of hydroponic growing kits, can give you a continuous supply of fresh salad leaves which you could be picking almost all year round. Some varieties of salad leaves are ready to start picking in as little as three weeks from the seedling stage. With successional planting it’s possible to crop two lettuces a week during the summer months. Cut-and-come-again salad leaves (such as rocket or Chinese mustard) can be picked continuously.

Simply sow your seeds in the minipropagator provided, then transplant them into net pots filled with clay pebbles. These then fit into holes in a polystyrene raft which floats in the growing tray filled with liquid hydroponic feed. A low-powered air pump keeps the nutrient solution well oxygenated – essential for the development of healthy white feeding roots. Simply replant a seedling every time you harvest a head of lettuce.

The kit has everything to start you off, including full instructions. All you need are some seeds of your favourite salad leaves, a brightly-lit site indoors (conservatory, greenhouse or just a windowsill) with enough space to site the tray and a mains power supply nearby.

When you need to re-stock, we have refill packs available for this kit.

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