Pyramid pots

The unique pyramid pot, from the original Hydroponicum wick system, allows plant roots to spread outwards in a natural way, yet reduces surface area preventing loss of water and growth of algae. When filled with Gold hydroponic growing medium and fed from below, this pot can support anything from a simple herb to a 10 foot tomato plant!

At the Achiltibuie Garden we use complete pots as well as the bases on their own. We find this to be such a versatile pot, as the base can be used on its own to germinate seeds or to grow salads and herbs. Our pyramid pots are designed to fit in our planters and channels.

The base of the pot (7 x 16 x 16.5cm) is fitted with a pre-cut length of self-watering capillary wick and holds 1 litre of Gold hydroponic growing medium.

The top (9 x 16 x 16.5cm) attaches securely to the base; together, the complete pot holds 2.5 litres of Gold hydroponic growing medium.

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