hanging baskets

Hanging basket kit

Hanging baskets aren’t just for flowers. We grow the usual summer annuals, such as pelargoniums, begonias or lobelia, but our baskets are also perfect for salads, herbs, tomatoes, peppers or bulbs.

Our robust green hanging baskets use a fraction of the water used by conventional designs because none is lost whilst watering. A unique pull-out drawer in the side of the basket lets you top up the spacious reservoir at the bottom of the container. Simply fill the basket with Gold hydroponic growing medium, put your plants in and measure the feed granules into the reservoir. Fill the reservoir with water and the capillary wick takes up water and feed when it is needed. This is such a convenient set-up: the feed granules last for 3 months and you may find that your baskets only need watering twice a week instead of twice a day! These attractive and durable dark green baskets can be used indoors as well as out and have a strong chain fitted.

Use year round – once your summer flowering plants have died back, replant with winter flowering pansies.
When you need to replenish supplies, refill packs are available for this product. Replacement mats are available, click here We also offer a basket, mat and chain on their own, click here.


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