Green planter

Part of the original Achiltibuie Hydroponicum wick system range of products, our popular green planter (L 67cm x W 17cm x H 11.5cm) has been specially designed for our hydroponic kits.  It takes up to 4 of our unique pyramid pots.

The specially designed aluminium bracing strip slides along the planter wall to any convenient position, preventing wall bulge in the heat of summer when supporting heavy plants in pyramid pots. The planters can be supplied either drilled and fitted with grommets, or undrilled.

If you want the planter to stand alone, choose the planter fitted with closed/blind grommets. You could then buy open grommets later if you want to extend your system, as many of our customers at The Achiltibuie Garden have done.

If you want to link planters together, choose the planter fitted with open rubber grommets (use 16mm pipe for instant push in connections).


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