Gold hydroponic growing medium

Our perlite-based growing medium is ideal for hydroponic systems.  It can be used for germinating seeds, rooting cuttings, or growing a wide range of plants to full maturity. Gold growing medium is our own unique blend of perlite and fine grade vermiculite, mixed in ideal proportions to suit hydroponic systems. It also contains a starting dose of plant nutrients.

Gold growing medium is ideal for propagation and here at The Achiltibuie Garden we raise almost all of our plants from seed or cuttings using it. We find that it has an excellent success rate for germination and rooting of cuttings and also reduces the risk of “damping off” and other fungal problems. Once germinated, salad and herbs can be grown on in the same pot, whilst larger plants which need more space can be transplanted into a hydroponic growing system or into soil.

Gold growing medium is clean, pleasant to handle and peat-free. It holds water very well and we use it in all our Hydroponicum wick system kits. It can be recycled and used again, although if you’re re-using it for seedlings, we recommend that you sterilise it by heating in a domestic oven or even a microwave! Unopened bags will keep indefinitely. If you have any left over at the end of the growing season, seal up the bag, keep it in a dark corner and use it to start you off the following year.

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