strawberries growing in hydroponic wick system

General Purpose feed

Our 3-part general purpose feed is precisely formulated for using in a hydroponic system and was developed at the old Hydroponicum in Achiltibuie. It provides all the nutrients needed for healthy plant growth: full details of constituents are given on each bottle label. This general purpose feed comes in a either a dry powder form or as a liquid concentrate; the powder must be dissolved to a 5 litre batch of concentrate before using, for which full instructions are given. Some of the powders can be a bit tricky to fully dissolve, so we recommend that if you are not comfortable with this, you might prefer to order the liquid concentrate.

We supply instructions giving amounts of the concentrates to use for each stage of plant growth; the instructions for use can also be downloaded here. These should be used as a general guide, but please remember that weather conditions will influence your plants’ growth and you may need to adjust the feeding rate accordingly. To provide all essential plant nutrients, Parts 1 & 2 are always both used at all stages of plant growth. Part 3 is needed in smaller quantities for plants which produce fruits or flowers. If you’d like advice or help with using our general purpose feed, please contact us.

The Achiltibuie Garden 3-part General purpose feed gives great results for fruits, herbs, salads, vegetables, leafy & flowering plants growing in the same hydroponic system. For high-yielding fruiting plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes, you’ll get better results by using our specialised Tomato feed.

The dry feeds are available as a set (parts 1, 2 & 3) or individually singly. You may find that you use part 3 only for a short time, so we also offer a 3-part set for topping up which comprises 2 sachets of 1 and 1 of 2.

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