Acorn pot kit

Acorn pots are ideal for growing houseplants and we also use them for growing tomatoes, peppers and chillies.
These unique pots have a vase tapered at the top and wider at the base, which is attached to a base reservoir. Simply fit the vase and base together, then fill the vase with the Gold hydroponic growing medium, put your plants in and measure the feed granules into the base reservoir. Fill the reservoir with water and the capillary wick takes up water and feed when it is needed. This is such a convenient set-up: the feed granules last for 3 months and all you need to do is top up the water.

You can transplant seedlings into the Acorn pot, or transfer an established plant into it. You can even transfer soil-grown plants by gently tapping off any excess compost or earth before potting into the Gold hydroponic growing medium. We don’t recommend washing compost off the roots – a small amount of it won’t affect its growth and washing may damage the plant’s roots.

These robust pots can be used to grow outdoors on the patio, balcony and decking.


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