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09 December 2018

Achiltibuie Garden Accessories and fittings Achiltibuie Garden Autopot accessories

AQUAvalve watering device

AQUAvalve 9.95

Product Ref: 0419

The AQUAvalve, from Autopot, is a simple but very effective watering device which provides automatic on-demand watering from a header tank for plants in trays and troughs. It works by controlling the flow of water to the plants by simple gravity pressure from a header tank without the need for a pump or electricity.

The AQUAvalve opens to allow water to fill the tray in which your plant pot is sitting. When a pre-set level of 20-25mm is reached, the AQUAvalve shuts off and prevents any more water from entering the tray. Once all the water in the tray has been used by the plants, the valve opens again. By filling the tray and then allowing it to completely empty before it is re-filled, the plants go through a wet/dry cycle, thus ensuring that plenty of air and water gets to the plant roots. The watering rate is therefore determined by the rate of use of the plants – as the plants grow bigger and need more water, the rate of the wet/dry cycle increases.

The AQUAvalve cover can be used with the AQUAvalve to let you create your own watering system. Place the AQUAvalve and cover in a flat, level tray, with a small weight on top of the AQUAvalve cover to weigh it down. Make sure that you don’t cover the small breather hole on the top of the AQUAvalve cover. Then just connect the valve to a tank using a length of 6mm pipe and a filter. The system will work effectively with pots bigger than 5 litres capacity.

Please note that the cover is not included and is bought separately

At the Achiltibuie Garden we have customers who have had great success with these - click here.

Weight: 0.10kg
PRICE: £9.95