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12 December 2018

Achiltibuie Garden Accessories and fittings Achiltibuie Garden Autopot accessories

easy2grow general purpose grow pack

Easy2Grow kit nutrient and media pack - general 25.00

Product Ref: 1607

The Achiltibuie Garden has developed a nutrient and media pack for general growing in the Autopot Easy2Grow kit.  A wide range of plants, flowers, trees and shrubs can be grown using this pack.

This pack contains Gold growing medium, clay granules mulch and a starter pack of general purpose liquid feed. For growing tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers and other "hungry feeders" we would recommend the tomato growing pack.

20 litres Gold
2 litres clay pebbles
2.5 litres general purpose feed set

Weight: 14.00kg
PRICE: £25.00