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20 February 2019

Achiltibuie Garden Gift Ideas

Lemon drop chilli in acorn pot

Hydroponic growing kit for chillies

Acorn pot for chillies £22.00

Product Ref: 0452

Over the years we have successfully grown chilli plants in Acorn pots so thought you might like to as well! The Acorn pot is perfect for using in a greenhouse, conservatory or warm, sunny windowsill.

The ready to grow chilli kit includes everything you need to grow an attractive chilli plant. There's even a minipropagator to raise your seedlings - and we include a FREE packet of chilli seeds. To see our selection of chilli seeds, click here. When you've decided, please write your choice in the 'Special instructions' box on the checkout page. If you'd like help deciding which seeds to choice, please contact us, or if you prefer, we'll select your seeds for you. 
Our unique Acorn pots have a vase tapered at the top and wider at its base, which is attached to a base reservoir. Simply fit the vase and base together, then fill the vase with Gold growing medium, transplant your chilli plant seedling into the pot. Fill the reservoir with diluted feed and the capillary wick draws up the feed when it is needed.

If you don't want to sow your own seeds, why not buy a young plant from your local garden centre and transfer it into the Acorn pot? Transplant soil-grown plants by gently tapping off any excess compost or earth before potting into the Gold. We don't recommend washing the compost off the roots - a small amount of it won't affect its growth and washing may damage the plant's roots.

Once you have harvested all your chillies, you can re-use this robust pot and Gold growing medium.

Also available is the multipack which contains 3 acorn pots, Gold growing medium, minipropagator, chilli, 30ml measure and Tomato nutrient set.

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Weight: 6.50kg
PRICE: £22.00