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20 February 2019

Achiltibuie Garden Gift Ideas

indoor salad kit using hydroponics

Salad planter £35.75

Product Ref: 0321

Say goodbye to pre-packed salads by growing your own! Our best-selling, easy to use kit is perfect for producing your favourite fresh salad leaves on a windowsill, in the greenhouse, on the patio or on a balcony. If you can bear to give one away, it also makes a great gift. Save money and reduce waste by growing your own: you can grow up to four different crops at a time and with a little care you could be picking them for most of the year. With the popularity of micro leaves in cooking, you can use this planter to grow your favourites.

This kit comes with full instructions on how to set up and use it. It consists of our popular green planter with four pots and has all you need to get growing, including 4 FREE packets of seeds, our own Gold growing medium and enough feed concentrate for one growing system, specially formulated for hydroponics.  For a full list of the kit contents as well as step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use your kit, click here to download a copy.

To choose your seeds, have a look at what's available in our seed section, decide which delicious salads you'd like to grow, then list your 4 choices in the Special instructions box on the checkout page. We can even select your seeds for you, or if you contact us, we'll give you advice on what's best to start with.

The planter and pots are very robust and should last for many years, so to re-use your kit all you'll need is more feed and seeds. The Gold growing medium can also be re-used, although we recommend that you sterilise or replace it if you are sowing seeds. Click here for details of the refill pack for this kit, or here to buy more feed concentrate.

This kit may also be used for the propagation of seeds and to root cuttings.

When you're ready to increase your growing, you'll find all you need to extend your kit in the Accessories section of our shop: you can join planters together, add tops to the pyramid pot bases or make the system automatic with a tank and pump. If you're not sure what you need, please contact us.

Weight: 5.50kg
PRICE: £35.75