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09 December 2018

Achiltibuie Garden Accessories and fittings Achiltibuie Garden Autopot accessories

Autopot root control discs

Root control squares (pack of 8) 7.99

Product Ref: 0446

These root control squares are designed to fit all our Autopot systems. They are black & gold in colour and are placed in the tray underneath the pot, gold face up. The root control square prevents roots from leaving the pot and heading towards the AQUAvalve and are very effective due to the special metallic gold coating.

However, at the Achilitibuie Garden we do advise that you check occasionally that no roots have escaped through the barrier. If this has happened, carefully cut away the roots, which will not harm the plant. Although the squares will last several years, we recommend replacing the discs at the beginning of each season to help prevent the spread of plant diseases.

Weight: 0.10kg
PRICE: £7.99