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16 January 2019

Will I get higher yields?

Hydroponically-grown plants grow more quickly than soil-grown plants because they have food and water available to them all the time. This means they don't need a large root system to find nutrients and water and can devote more energy to producing their crop which results in the plant maturing more quickly.  Also, in a hydroponic system the plants can be grown closer together than they can in soil, giving a higher cropping density. 

Some examples of fruit and vegetables we have grown that have been "heavy croppers" are: tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, chillies, courgettes, beans, cape gooseberry and raspberries.  Visitors to the Hydroponicum were amazed at the quality and quantity of the yields from our plants growing in different hydroponic systems.

Although many of us are keen to know about edible yields, we must not forget that ornamentals which also thrive in hydroponic systems.  Self watering hanging baskets are one of Achilitibuie Garden's most popular kits with our customers.  A combination of the Gold growing medium, the built in water reservoir and easy to use feed granules make these baskets so simple to use and get spectacular results.

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