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16 January 2019

What about the flavour?

We take a lot of pride in the quality and flavour of our crops, so we choose varieties we know to have good flavour, and make sure that all fruit is fully ripened to build up the maximum sweetness and fragrance before it is picked. We are able to do this because we sell all our produce locally, and it is available to the end user the day it is picked.  Our tomatoes, herbs, strawberries, raspberries and other fruits and vegetables taste as good as any soil grown crop.  Many people who have visited us have said that the tomatoes grown in our tomato kit taste "like tomatoes used to".  The high demand for our bags of mixed salad leaves confirms that our hydroponic growing method produces lots of flavour.  The old hydroponicum was renowned for the tastes and smells of hydroponic growing and we intend for the Achiltibuie Garden to build on the reputation we gained there.

Many people think crops grown using hydroponics will have a poor flavour compared with soil grown crops and of course, many commercial growers use modern hybrids which are bred for producing high volume crops where uniformity and a long shelf life take precedence over flavour. To prolong shelf life further, they pick the fruit when it is still green, and the end result is often a bland flavour. By using hydroponic growing kits from the Achiltibuie Garden, you can enjoy your own fresh hydroponic produce packed with flavour and goodness.


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