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12 December 2018

Achiltibuie Garden Accessories and fittings Achiltibuie Garden Autopot accessories

The Achiltibuie Garden has a range of Autopot products, including the Easy2Grow hydroponic growing kits.  The Autopot range incorporates the unique AQUAvalve which allows these simple pots to be left unattended for weeks.

AQUAvalve watering device

AQUAvalve 9.95

Product Ref: 0419

The AQUAvalve, from Autopot, is a simple but very effective watering device which provides automatic on-demand watering from a header tank for plants in trays and troughs.

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AQUAvalve cover only

AQUAvalve cover only 3.50

Product Ref: 0454

Available from the Achiltibuie Garden, the AQUAvalve cover can be used with the AQUAvalve to let you create your own automatic watering system.

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Tank outlet filter for hydroponic systems

Tank outlet filter 2.50

Product Ref: 0445

This filter prevents small particles from blocking the Autopot AQUAvalve.

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Autopot airdome 4.00

Product Ref: 0422

Supercharge your AutoPots by getting more air to the roots with the airdome.

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Autopot 47 litre tank for hydroponics

47 litre tank 13.50

Product Ref: 0449

From the Autopot hydroponics range...

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6mm Autopot top hat grommet

Autopot 6mm top hat grommet 0.90

Product Ref: 1041

The Autopot 6mm top hat grommet gives a water tight connection into tanks or planters using 7mm supply pipe (internal pipe diameter of 4mm).

Achiltibuie Garden More Details >>
Autopot root control discs

Root control squares (pack of 8) 7.99

Product Ref: 0446

These root control squares are designed to fit all our Autopot systems and prevent plant roots from leaving the pot.

Achiltibuie Garden More Details >>
Autopot marix disc

Marix squares (pack of 8) 3.99

Product Ref: 0431

Marix squares help to prevent losing growing medium from your Autopot...

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